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Moodle mobile

Download the moodle app so you can switch between your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

With the Moodle Mobile app, you can learn wherever you are, whenever you want, with these app features:

  • Easily access course activities and download materials for offline use.
  • Quickly find and contact other people in your courses.
  • Receive instant notifications of private messages, forum posts and calendar events.
  • Attempt quizzes and post in forums both on and off-line.
  • View your grades, check completion progress in courses and browse your learning plans.
  • Search the list of courses and enrol in new courses via the app.

Download apps

Once you have downloaded the moodle app simply:
  • Enter our web address:
  • Enter your username.
  • Enter your password.
Last modified: Sunday, 5 May 2019, 11:30 AM