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Why Teach on Restore Citizenship?

If you are passionate about sharing the gospel of the kingdom and enjoy seeing people grow in their understanding of the faith than Restore Citizenship might just be the right fit for you. At Restore Citizenship we believe we have a responsibility to help people transition from the kingdoms of the world into the citizenry of the kingdom of God through education.

We believe that;

We need an education which supports God’s nation-building program and unlocks the wealth of resource within the commonwealth of the citizenry.

We believe;

  • It is a commandment of the Lord. Matthew 28:19
  • We must teach about the King and the Kingdom. Acts 28:30-31
  • Education must be deliberate and purposeful. Acts 19:9-10
  • Education is a generaitonal responsibility. 2 Timothy 2:2

Therefore it is our mission to prepare believers for the kingdom by providing a world-class kingdom-centric learning environment for the citizenry of the Ekklesia.

We achieve this through four principles:

  • Instruction about the kingdom
  • Insight into citizenship and nationhood
  • Impartation through kingdom centric educators
  • Inspiration to collaborate in nation-building

How does it work?

There are seven simple steps to publishing your course or class with us.

  1. Get in contact for a chat to discuss your course or class.
  2. Prepare and send us your course content.
  3. We will brand your content in keeping with our brand guidelines.
  4. We will schedule an OpenClass with you to deliver your course or class.
  5. Together we will invite participants to listen in and provide feedback.
  6. Deliver your OpenClass using our online conferencing suite.
  7. We will publish and together promote your new course or class.

That's it!

Don't delay get in touch now!

Last modified: Friday, 15 January 2021, 7:56 PM