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Corporate strategy

Serving the Kingdom in 2021

This year we have released our bold new strategy for 2021. In this video, Frederick talks about what it's going to take to see the emergence of the new nation from the new creation by reviewing what the Lord has been saying, the ministries new approach and how we plan to proceed.

The Civic Centre: an extension of the community.

Elizabeth talks about the role of a Civic Centre, how it serves the citizenry and extends the community.

The Academy: Preparing citizens for the city now and in the future

Ade talks about how we aim to fulfil our educational strategy through the academy.

The Civitas: Governing through policy making

Esther talks about how we aim to fulfill our governance strategy through the Civitas.

The Enterprise Hub: Growing a kingdom economy

In this video, Pelumi talks about how we aim to fulfill our initiative strategy through the Enterprise Hub.

Last modified: Sunday, 31 January 2021, 4:10 PM